Free People Of The Cosmos is a Science and Space Exploration Fellowship. We seek like minded individuals who want to socialize around the topics of science, space exploration, UFOlogy, and ET Contact using CE-5 Protocols. We’re also a registered 501-3c non-profit.  We are about the business of Service To Others, and advancing human consciousness. We promote personal sovreignty as well as personal responsibility.

We hold that Every human being from planet Earth is a free person of the cosmos with equal viability as a sentient being with all other positive sentient beings. Each is worthy of love and every positive right, rights inherent and irrevocable by any state, government, corporate entity, or another species outside the planet Earth. Our highest authority is ourself unto the infinite intelligence.

We promote total personal freedom that respects all other humans and sentient beings. We embrace reason, science, logic and love. We reject negative energy that seeks to destroy the rights and existence of humanity, which includes negative governments and/or states, corporate entities and/or non-Earth entities that seek to enslave mankind. We are free persons of the universe, the cosmos. Anything less diminishes us as a species. We strive for the highest truths possible, towards the upward evolution of the human race and advancing human consciousness.


Open Breakaway Civilization Project – The Galactic 911 Call

When in the course of human events a planet becomes hostile to its own inhabitants because of its own inhabitants – then we as humanity on Planet Earth have a serious life threatening situation on our hands. Even worse, little seems to be being done about fixing it. That which is being done is a bit “too little too late”. We are witnessing the death of a beautiful planet at the hands of corporatist mad-men.

Revelations of extraterrestrial activity down through millennia, as witnessed by commoners, scientists, military service personnel, religious professionals, and all manner of society on every corner of the planet Earth – such revelations lead towards a common path of disclosure of the ET, extraterrestrial phenomenon, regardless of the strength of physical evidence. We therefore see a tipping of the scales with recent UFOlogical, and archaeological evidence surfacing which as fantastic as it may seem, may indeed have high plausibility. We are moving forward with a grand new plan to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that are willing to pick us up and relocate us to safer living conditions.

This is our Galactic 911 call. The Open Breakaway Civilization Project attempts to seriously make contact, and facilitate the emigration of anyone interested who wants to go to the stars, by means completely outside of any government or state gatekeepers who would attempt to keep us hostage on planet Earth. We seek to openly promote, organize and facilitate human migration, colonization, exploration and intergalactic travel throughout the known and unknown stretches of the universe. Join with us as we get ready to travel!

Community Betterment Projects 

A key element in alignment of human consciousness to the cosmic brotherhood is the development of Service To Others. As we do our best to move towards Service To Others, we seek ways in which we can do exactly that, perform service to others without expectation of immediate material gratification or monetary reward. Instead, Service To Others activities causes something deeper to occur within human consciousness, personally, within the local community and globally. Our projects focus on areas in which the community is bettered, economically, socially, and ecologically. This in turn, advances humanity’s consciousness, individually and globally.

Beach Cleanup

Planet Earth’s ocean ecology is in extreme jeopardy. Regardless of your personal political, religious or spiritual affinity, you know this to be true.

There’s nothing more disheartening than to see the ocean in distress, because it actually affects us whether we realize it or not. It’s disheartening to go for a beach walk, and see trash on the beach.

Trash on the beach is the ocean giving back what humanity has dumped into it, and asking us to properly dispose of it. Far worse is that animal habitats that depend directly upon a clean ocean environment are not just disheartened, but suffer and die as a result of ocean pollution.

Free People of The Cosmos will be implementing a series of beach cleanup programs, starting with the east coast of Florida, along what is known as “The Treasure Coast“. This is an area that stretches approximately from Melbourne, Florida to Stuart, Florida.

We are currently in the planning stage to coordinate monthly beach cleanup events. Organizing these kinds of events for maximum effectiveness requires planning, coordination, and sponsorship.  Our goal is to start these cleanups in the first quarter of 2017.

How You Can Participate

Senior Support

Free People Of The Cosmos recognizes the fact that government cannot and many times should not be the sole answer to meeting needs at local, community and global levels.

In the spirit of Service To Others, Free People Of The Cosmos is in the planning stages of setting up Senior Support programs.

Many senior citizens do not receive enough monthly financial support to pay both their cost of living, as well as medical costs. We’re looking at ways in which we can provide material, financial and social support.

How You Can Participate

Homeless Outreach

In the spirit of Service To Others, Free People Of The Cosmos is in the planning stages of setting up Homeless Outreach & Support programs.

We’re looking at ways in which we can provide material, financial and social support.

How You Can Participate

Other Ideas We Like

We got some ideas brewing in a few other areas, including but not limited to:


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Join us in meet-up groups where you can share your cosmic journey with other cosmic travelers.

We just started using the site for organizing our groups.

Our groups are simple – socialization of like minded cosmic travelers. Some groups enjoy dining, bbq, or outdoor activities.

Nothing heavy, just having a great time making friends.

Contact us if you’d like to sponsor a group in your area.


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