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Published on Oct 20, 2013     10/20/13 – Phone interview with a major government player, revealing the truth about the recent government shutdown of all space related projects, and the military buildup led by FEMA. CLARIFICATION: Due to massive viewer demand, I will attempt to answer some of the questions surrounding this interview to the ... More >>>

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Lord Hill-Norton is a five-star Admiral and the former Head of the British Ministry of Defense who was kept in the dark about the UFO subject during his official capacities. In this short interview, he states that this subject has great significance and should no longer be denied and kept secret.

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102 minutes. From Here To Andromeda opens with the possibility that humanity may not survive due to Global Warming, an ensuing Ice Age or Mass Extinction. The question is, "Why hasn't humanity embraced sustainable technologies like Solar, Wind, and Helium-3 Fusion to beat Global Warming?" Why are the oil companies holding us hostage? Why hasn't all of humanity awakened and

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Skype interview with John Lear

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The individual known as "anonymous" comes forward with a near-deathbed confession about Roswell, ETs, and dark projects

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A few videos from the April 29 – May 3 Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure in Washington DC Dr. Steven Greer: