• When in the course of human events a planet becomes hostile to its own inhabitants – because of its own inhabitants – then we have a serious life threatening situation on our hands that demands an immediate response. We have mad-men threatening nuclear devastation, and a global apathy problem.
  • Even worse, little is being done about fixing it. That which is being done is “too little, too late”. We are witnessing the death of a beautiful planet at the hands of corporatist mad-men, who inflict corporate slavery upon every human on Earth.
  • Revelations of extraterrestrial activity down through millennia, as witnessed by commoners, scientists, military service personnel, religious professionals, and all manner of society on every corner of the planet Earth – such revelations lead towards a common path of disclosure of the ET, extraterrestrial phenomenon, regardless of the strength of physical evidence. 
  • We have been denied access to the true history of Planet Earth, and what little knowledge we do know has been compromised.
  • External entities, hidden from us, and humans eager for power, willing to betray humanity are working in concert to subvert the human experience. We reject this in-compassionate control structure and appeal to those positive entities and extraterrestrials who can hear our call, near and far to help us safely evacuate this planet.

Passing The Tipping Point Towards Disclosure

  • We therefore see a tipping of the scales with recent UFOlogical, and archaeological evidence surfacing which as fantastic as it may seem, has high plausibility of being true. (Nazca mummies, SSP whistleblowers, increased video reports with better and better quality)
  • We do recognize and acknowledge that some of the information coming out may well be dis-information, but we feel there is enough “good” evidence from the past several decades of ufo sightings, circumstantial evidence, anecdotal evidence and limited physical evidence to allow us to reasonably conclude that it is entirely possible to reach out and communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations.
  • Therefore, we seek to “precipitate disclosure” away from and outside from existing government infrastructures, states, and countries. This is an attempt to precipitate The People’s Disclosure.

The Galactic 911 Call

  • We are aware of the statement “no alien intervention is coming”. We disagree. We believe the ETs are waiting for us to ASK FOR HELP.
  • We are moving forward with a grand new plan to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that are willing to pick us up and relocate us to safer living conditions.
  • This is our Galactic 911 call. The Open Breakaway Civilization Project attempts to seriously make contact, and facilitate the emigration of anyone interested who wants to go to the stars, by means completely outside of any government or state gatekeepers who would attempt to keep us hostage on planet Earth.
  • We seek to openly promote, organize and facilitate human migration, colonization, exploration and intergalactic travel throughout the known and unknown stretches of the universe. Join with us as we get ready to travel!

The People’s Space Programs

  • We are also going to setup several “people’s space programs” utilizing recent micro technologies to launch our own camera platforms into near Earth orbit, as well as lunar orbiter and lander missions.
  • Recent startup announcements in the commercial space program arena of small micro satellites and robotic exploration vehicles that offer new very low cost entry points into space exploration.
  • Imagine crowd funding our own launch of “the people’s cameras” in near Earth orbit, uncontrolled by elites and governments, and open 24/7 for monitoring by “the people” on a public website. Another project we have in mind is to launch our own lunar orbiter that will be controlled by “the people” to see close-ups of the surface of the moon – including the dark side.

Examples of micro-satellite and exploration systems include …