Imagine if we could leave Earth, colonize other planets and explore the cosmos, just like we see in modern science fiction.If we were to simply accept the cosmological narratives we get from our governments and academic institutions, esoteric sciences such as anti-gravity, quantum-jump travel, teleportation, – along with the possibility of interacting with intelligent extra-terrestrial life forms – is nothing more than fantasy, an ingrained impossibility.

Exploring the subject immediately puts you out onto the fringe, out there with conspiracy theory, a fool’s errand.

“Just go back to your day-to-day life, and forget about these things, they are eons into a future we will never live to see.”

Another mantra we hear, “metaphysical non-sense, so much pseudoscience” and yet the lore, the nagging hints and bits of evidence exist which leads us all on, hoping for some kind of slam-dunk resolution to the questions in UFOlogy.

We are expected to eek out a meager existence on planet Earth, suffering at the hands of oligarchs and sociopaths our only fate, to live and die at the hands of corporatist masters, expecting little, and being expected to believe and support falsehoods, lies, deception and the unlawful secrecy of the “deep state”.

We disagree. There is enough “good” evidence to suggest that technologies such as zero point energy power systems, antigravity, quantum travel and teleportation are indeed real.

Not only is ET visiting us, but that many of the visitors have extremely large space vessels.

We’re going to ask for a ride.